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Tower From The Road

Keene Valley Cell Phone Tower is Now Active (Verizon)

The Keene Valley cell phone tower is now live! Can you spot it?

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Lace Cap

Replacing (re-lacing) Salomon Laces

I love the lace system on my Salomon shoes. However, I never really considered what I would do if a lace broke, wore out, or…. you know… was eaten by a dog.

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Bb2e Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Who Needs a Technical Sleeping Bag When You Can Have One of These?

If you really want something that will get the job done, take a gander at one of these bundles of awesome.

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Embracing Winter? Or Propping up the Local Economy?

We finally took the plunge and geared up for ski season!

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Garmont Momentum

Choosing Winter Boots: Garmont Momentum Snow GTX

Boots that are more like sneakers, but still keep my feet warm… is that so much to ask?

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Koflach Degre Orange

New Mountaineering Boots! Sort of…

Finding used mountaineering boots for cheap = a happy Dave.

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