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Willa Portrait

Happy 1st Birthday Willa Jean

1 year ago today (according to our best estimates, that is) a mommy dog somewhere in the Adirondacks gave birth to our little Willa Jean.

We don’t know how anyone could have given up such a sweet girl, but their loss was our gain when we found her at the North Country SPCA.

And by that, I really mean, when she found Jess. It took all of 12 seconds for those two to be forever bonded to one another.

Here they are meeting each other for the first time…

Believe it or not, I was able to talk Jess into leaving the shelter without Willa that day. To “sleep on it” for a few nights.

But I was only delaying the inevitable.

A few days later we brought her home for good – it feels like only yesterday!

Before long she was annoying her brother, joining us on hikes, and letting us know that she wasn’t a big fan of the water.

Time definitely flies by when each day is filled with the energy of a puppy, and soon enough our baby Willa was old enough to join us on longer adventures, hang with us at the rock walls, and (of course) get into trouble.

She was growing up too fast, that is for sure, but she still made it a point to let us know when she needed her mommy and daddy. Like when a thunderstorm rolled in, or a fox startled us at night.

However, despite our best efforts to keep up with her, we eventually came to the conclusion that she deserved a friend. Someone who could better meet her daily playtime demands. And so, toward the end of summer, Willa had a sister.

Esther Mae.

The summer turned to fall, fall turned to winter… and we were oh so happy to discover that Willa Jean not only likes the snow. She LOVES it! (unlike the water)

Thankfully, she also doesn’t mind the car too much, as we all drove cross country to spend Christmas and the New Year with family and friends.

Willa’s family wasn’t quite complete yet though. Not long after returning from our road trip, we decided we had room for one more, and so Willa had another sister to play with and watch over.

Andorra (Andi for short).

Oh Willa Jean… you went from pound puppy to matriarch of your own pack!

And along the way you stole our hearts and brightened each and every one of our days. Happy birthday girl.

Now, whatdya say we go for a H-I-K-E!


  1. Heather

    Oh my goodness, what a cutie! Why didn’t I met her over the holidays? Happy birthday to Willa Jean from Seattle.

    • Jessica

      Oh, that’s right! You didn’t get to meet her. They’re all pretty cute. Hope you’re well!

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