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Stewarts Sub


I adore our local Stewart’s Shop.

I can’t explain it. I don’t understand it. There’s just something about it.

It’s a chain convenience store for Pete’s sake. There’s one on nearly every corner in New York state. But I still love going in there.

I’m convinced our Stewart’s is the best. The one in Long Lake is a close second.

I love running in for milk when I don’t feel like driving 20 minutes to the grocery store.

And sometimes I simply crave a veggie sub (white bread, provolone and mustard, please), Stewart’s brand kettle cooked salt and pepper potato chips, and a soda for lunch. All to be consumed on our deck in the sunshine, of course.

Again, I can’t explain it. There’s just something about it.

It helps that the Stewart’s brand kettle cooked salt and pepper potato chips are the best potato chips in the entire world. It’s true. I dare you to try them and disagree.

I love stopping in to grab some trail mix or string cheese or Snickers bars to throw in our packs for a hike. And I REALLY love stopping in for a vanilla milkshake on our way back from a hike.

And as long as I’m talking about things I love about Stewart’s, I LOVE that they sell the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery’s 46’er Pale Ale.

All of the Stewart’s employees are so nice and helpful. And the customers are always an interesting mix of locals, vacationers, and hikers and climbers fueling up for their adventures.

It’s such a friendly spot in town. Makes me hope we run out of milk today.


  1. Leah

    So I feel like I stalk your blog and comment way too much and I had decided to not comment for a week and then you go and post about Stewart’s – I LOVE STEWART’S!!! And I miss it! We don’t have these kinds of stores in Utah – and I love love love it – we bought our milk from there my whole growing up life and I have had more make your own sundaes than I can count – well I can count them in the pounds I am trying to lose – so when we come and visit, you have to take me to your local Stewart’s Shop and I promise to love it as much as you do!!

    There – I won’t comment again for a month…

    • Jessica

      No, please don’t stop commenting! You can take a commenting break when you’re out here visiting us, how’s that?

      Did you know that Stewart’s milk consistently wins Highest Quality Milk in New York? Of course, they also don’t state on their cartons that their cows are hormone-free. Can’t win ’em all, I guess. Oh, and their Philly Vanilla ice cream was named Best Vanilla Ice Cream in the World at the 2009 World Dairy Expo. Just some random Stewart’s facts I learned today.

      But, yeah, I don’t know what it is about that place. It manages to be so mom and pop even though it’s technically not anymore. Now I want an ice cream cone.

  2. Leah

    Well go get an ice cream cone and eat one for me!!

  3. Linnea

    sooooo…can you please explain why you have Pepsi’s in that picture, and not, say, a Stewart’s cream soda?

    • Jessica

      Well, I kind of have a thing for Diet Cherry Pepsi. I can’t always find it, so when I do I have to get it. I don’t have an excuse for the second Pepsi bottle though. That’s just what I got Dave because I know he likes it.

      But you guys have inspired me to go tomorrow and get an ice cream cone and cream soda and pretend like it’s 1955.

  4. Willard

    Your so right about the store in Long Lake, it is one of the better ones for sure, but for me it would be the one in Winthrop that is the best for me.

    • Dave

      During one of our Northville Placid hikes, we dipped into Long Lake to wash some clothes. Afterward, we sat on the bench out in front of that Stewart’s stuffing our faces with donuts.

      Wouldn’t you know, a stranger walks up to us and offers us a ride to the trailhead.

      That Stewarts will always have a place in my heart.

      • Jessica

        And those donuts will always have a place in MY heart. 🙂

  5. Willard

    They do have great donuts for sure, not to mention there sandwiches and other stuff to eat.

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