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Foster On Stove

A Hazy Holiday

As did many people across the Northeast yesterday, I woke up to the pungent smell of woodsmoke. A quick scan of the house told me that, as brilliant as she is, our puppy had not figured out how to start a fire in the wood stove. And despite ample evidence to the contrary, the cat had not decided to torch the place in protest.

So I chalked it up to neighbors having an early morning bonfire. Who am I to judge?

Of course, an hour later I learned that smoke from the Quebec forest fires had drifted south and settled into our neck of the woods. By late afternoon, areas as far south as Cape Cod were experiencing the haze.

The thick smoke and haze took me back to my California daze, er, days. During fire season, the smoky air can linger for weeks. It makes for seriously awesome sunsets.

Give me a situation and I’ll find the silver lining. Try me. It drives Dave nuts.

Anyway, since the day’s conditions weren’t ideal for hiking – or any other serious outdoor activity – we decided to join the hordes of tourists and cruise Main Street in Lake Placid. Actually, by the time we got into town, the hordes had departed. They were all on their way back to New Jersey or Connecticut or… Boston. Suckahs.

The smoke was really obvious as we drove past the Cascade Lakes and then the Loj Road. The High Peaks were barely visible despite the partly cloudy sky.

And the ski jumps were shrouded in a smoky film.

Mirror Lake was more like Mirror-after-a-steamy-shower Lake.

But this boy duck wasn’t bothered. He chatted with us and protected his wife from another boy duck who was patrolling the shoreline.

And this mama fish wasn’t bothered by the smoke, either. She was too busy guarding her nest.

As far as they were concerned, it was just another day in paradise.


  1. Raven

    Get use to it, it happens a lot of times up here with the fires in Canada. You’ll see a lot more of it as time goes along.

  2. tourpro

    I woke up early because I thought something was on fire.

    We were going to head North to go biking but changed our minds. Went to Newcomb instead. It was only slightly hazy there.

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