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A Night Alone

Willa Jean went under the knife today.  She was spayed.

I’m a bit of a worry wart, so the better part of today was spent wringing my hands over the situation. It wasn’t until we heard from the Vet that Willa was groggy, but otherwise fine, that I started to relax.

I’ll say it again… it is a good thing I don’t have human children.

However, soon after telling us she was fine, the Vet informed us that she was still too out of it to come home. Ugh!

So our poor little girl has to spend the night alone, in a strange place, wondering what the hell happened and where mommy, daddy, and brother are. Damn you anthropomorphism!

And to make it worse, we forgot to leave her with a favorite toy or blanket. When we panicked and told the Vet we would be rushing some stuff over for her to sleep with, the calm, rational response we got was something along the lines of, “She won’t even know it is there right now, she just needs to get some sleep and tomorrow she will be her perky self for you”.

Ok, ok. We began to calm down again.

And then it hit us. Wait, what? This also means that WE have to spend the night alone! Well… you know… not alone really, but without her. Oh, this isn’t going to go over well.

For the better part of 3 and a half months we’ve been contorting our bodies around a tail wagging lump that likes to sleep under the covers with us… and each morning we’ve been waking up to puppy kisses as that little ball of energy decides it is time for us to start the day.

Being able to stretch out, roll over when we want, and not have to share our pillows? That just won’t feel right – we’re going to miss her tonight.

But don’t you worry Willa Jean… I’m setting the alarm right now and will be there waiting for the Vet to open the office tomorrow. You had to sleep alone tonight, but tomorrow morning you’ll be waking up to daddy kisses.


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