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Firepit Pond

A River Runs Through It – Under It, Actually

It is the wet, soggy, muddy season in the Adirondacks… and this one is a doozy.

Late season snow melt combined with some serious April rain storms has been putting the hurt on a lot of areas. Thankfully, we do not live too close to a water source and have (so far) been spared some of the damage that others are experiencing. However, our house does sit at the base of a hill and so we have been dealing with some major runoff. Impromptu water sources, more or less.

You know, streams where streams really aren’t supposed to be. Like this one in our backyard.

And ponds, where fire pits are supposed to be.

So far we’ve avoided any major flooding to our house, but our garage took some water. Thankfully I had my precious comic book collection up on a shelf!

Ohhhh mother nature.

I think the biggest problem we have right now is a developing issue with our driveway.

You know, the one we can’t ascend in the winter…

We appear to have an underground drainage path running right underneath it.

As best as we can tell, water comes barreling down the hill behind our house, forms an impromptu stream, and then takes the path of least resistance to a culvert on the other side of the driveway. That path of least resistance is apparently underground.

Not a problem… as long as you don’t mind jumping over these things.

It is like someone post-holed right up our driveway!

That can’t be a good thing, right? Having the soil under your driveway washed way? But hell if we know what to do about it. I checked the yellow pages for “sinkhole repair man” and didn’t find anything.

Suggestions welcome.

We are not sitting on the sidelines though, and are trying to deal with some of the other problems we have. This ditch was dug to try to divert water away from our garage. It seems to be doing an ok job of that, but I suspect I’m just moving the problem from one spot to another.

I have to say, blister’s aside, ditches are surprisingly fun to build. Sort of reminds me of playing in the sand at the beach. If I had a few of my old Tonka trucks sitting around I am pretty sure I would have had them out there… loaded up with gravel, rolling up and down the ditch… the whole time making pretend engine sounds.

Stay dry my friends!

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