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A Timber Frame Rappel

Earlier this week we kicked off my first “staycation” by hanging out with some close friends, Joann and Ed, at the site of their new house. (Yeah, I know, I’m shocked that people have taken us in as friends too.) They are building themselves a gorgeous timber frame home and just recently started putting the roof on – you can follow their progress on Joann’s website, Adirondack Lifestyle Blog.

Before moving on to the walls they had a unique, and totally awesome, idea. They wanted to rappel from the top of their new home! When they asked us if we would help them with their idea, we jumped at the opportunity. What a fun and totally Adirondack way to celebrate the progress of a new home.

Since neither had rappelled before, we decided to start things off small and set up a practice scenario over a large boulder on their property.

Here I am demonstrating how it works, and by that I mean, making sure it actually works so I don’t maim our friends.

And here is a shot of Jess and Willa providing encouragement.

From there it was time to climb up onto the roof. I won’t lie, this was kind of scary for me. I don’t know what it is… I am generally ok with heights, and very comfortable rock climbing, but there is just something about ladders. I am irrationally freaked out on them.

Once on top it was just a matter of cheering on our friend as she backed off the roof and rappelled down the side of her new home.

Photo from Adirondack Lifestyle Blog

Congrats Joann! And thanks for letting us be a part of your fun idea… and hey, like Jess says, now you have a great way of washing all those windows you guys are putting in.

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  1. Joann

    Mucho and mega thank yous to you guys for making sure I finally got over my fear and tried rappelling! To learn this from our new friends and practice on our new home was an extra sweet treat that will be a special part of the ‘time we built the house’ memories.
    I am so glad you both decided to give this ‘moving to the Adirondacks’ thing a whirl!

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