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Adirondack Life – Hey, wait, that is Our Life

Whenever we would vacation in the Adirondacks, I always made an effort to pick up a copy of Adirondack Life, a regional magazine dedicated to the Park.

Its articles and advertisements were a daydream of “what ifs” – What if that was our life?

Seemed like such a fantasy.

Last week while grocery shopping with Jess, I grabbed the latest issue of Adirondack Life from a shelf by the check out line.

I am a bit like taking a 4 year old shopping, you have to keep an eye on my hands, otherwise when it comes time to check out you’ll find a bunch of extra stuff in the cart that you weren’t expecting.

Anyway, this was the first copy of the magazine that I’ve read since moving here… and going through it was an interesting experience.

The title of the very first article, “Phantom Phone Booth”, immediately hit me.

I knew right away what this was going to be about: The old phone booth in the village of Jay. The same one we’d driven by several times on our way to various destinations, and the same one that fellow blogger Allison Haas wrote about on her excellent website, Along the Ausable (seriously, check out her blog). We have never met Allison, but know her husband from our frequent stops at the Mountaineer in Keene Valley.

A few articles later, “The Crux, Getting a Grip in Willsboro” hits me.

The Crux is a climbing gym that we were recently introduced to by friends. It is a bit of a drive for us, but lots of fun and we’ve been trying to go there once a week or so to keep (get) in shape for spring climbing. The article’s author? Emilie Drinkwater, who we climbed with this winter during Mountainfest.

And so it went as I flipped through the pages. “Oh hey, there is an article by so and so…” And, “Look, there is an advertisement for the place where our friend works.” Etc, etc.

When I finally put it down I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that Adirondack Life had become “our life”.

Or maybe it is vice versa… but either way, it was no longer a daydream.


  1. Linnea

    Hey Jess and Dave! Sounds like you guys are having a great time out there!

    I have a question. I’m trying to plan a family reunion for July 2012 for 14-20 people ranging in age from 1 year to 70 years. We need luxury (for the older, more sedentary folks), we need an on-site restaurant so we don’t have to cook, we need access to outdoor stuff (preferably with water), we need a place accommodating to children (lots of luxurious places aren’t), and the Adirondacks might be on our radar screen. Could you, would you, be able to give any recommendations for such a place in the area? Could be it doesn’t exist except in my mind.


    • Jessica

      Hey Linnea! The place that comes to mind is the Whiteface Lodge: It’s very kid/family friendly (which is not the case for the neighboring Lake Placid Lodge), has private lakefront access, and has a couple of on site dining options. I’ve only been there once and didn’t get a chance to fully explore, but from what I saw it’s really nice.

      Your other option, if you’re looking for a bit more privacy, would be to rent out a camp on one of the lakes. Many of the bigger camps can easily accommodate 20 people and are quite impressive. Check out: and You won’t have the luxury of a restaurant on site, though there are lots nearby if you stay on Lake Placid. I would solve that by hiring a private chef for the week (we could give you a recommendation for that too). 🙂

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