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Adirondacks Featured in Alpinist 30

I look forward to every issue of Alpinist. The publication is equal parts informative and fantasy for me. The stunning photographs and wild tales of climbing in far-away mountains are simply captivating. It provides me with an outlet for my armchair mountaineering and occasionally inspires me to plan my own adventures.

Really, I just love seeing a new issue at the local outfitters.

This was especially true of this Spring’s issue, #30, because I heard that the Adirondacks would be included!

Back in March, published an online exclusive by Matt McCormick that also featured climbing in the Park. The article is an outstanding must-read for anyone interested in Adirondack adventure. One of my favorite lines from the piece has to be this description of Adirondack climbing:

The climbing is an “acquired taste.” Developing new routes in the ‘Dacks means dealing with all the unpleasantries that the northeast is infamous for: sticky heat, bitter cold, unrelenting bugs and the dirty process of cleaning.

The introduction to McCormick’s online article gave some teasers about the content in the upcoming issue. The Adirondack piece would be written by local climbing guru Don Mellor, and would feature Wallface. Hard not to get excited about that!

So this past Sunday I finally made it to a local store to pick up a copy – and devoured it cover to cover that night. Mellor’s article, “Told in Stone: Stories from the Adirondack’s Wallface Mountain,” tells the story of a chance encounter that led to him helping Gary Bloch complete a climb on Wallface that was started some 50 years prior. The story spans 5 pages and includes 4 photos, and provides a nice history of the area.

If anything, I wish Alpinist could have dedicated MORE space to exploring Wallface. I was hoping for a more involved crag profile/feature sort of thing… it is certainly a deserving and interesting enough area. But then again, I’m a little biased.

You can pick up a copy of Alpinist at most outfitters and outdoor stores. REI and EMS reliably carry it on the magazine rack, for example. If you are in our neck of the woods you can pick one up at The Mountaineer, and you can also subscribe or purchase copies at Apparently Amazon sells subscriptions as well.

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