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Videos: Three Adventure Videos that Caught My Eye

Three “adventure” related videos have caught my eye this past week, so I wanted to share them with you.

The first is a video of two base jumpers in Salt Lake City, Utah who decided to jump off of an LDS Office Building. Kind of a cool undercover view of the event, you get to watch them sneak through the building, climb a fence, and then escape after landing.

The scene I like most is when they get up on the ledge, and you see the first guy look back and then just hop out into the air and drop out of view. Although, I’m not sure what I find more amazing, the actual base jump footage, or the fact that this Trump tower looking thing is a “Church Office Building” – crazy.

This next video is a clip for First Ascent, Episode 1: Alone on the Wall. It features footage of 23 year old Alex Honnold free soloing – that is, climbing without a rope. I’ll warn you ahead of the time, there are some “hold your breath” moments in there. Sort of reminds me of watching clips of Dan Osman in Masters of Stone V.

Outside Magazine did a great piece on Alex for their May issue, you can find it here: Outside Online

To help you recover from that last video, here is one that has the potential to be terrifying… but I just can’t stop laughing at it. This guy races a snowmobile up a mountain corridor, once he gets to the top he makes some sort of mistake… and then falls down the entire corridor he just went up, while his snowmobile crashes and rumbles down after him.

I half expected to see a case of Busch Beer come tumbling down that mountain with him.

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  1. CJ

    Every time I thought he was going to stop – or be able to stop the snowmobile – it just kept going and going. That was hilarious!

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