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The Olympic Torch, From 1936 to 2010

Now that the 2010 Olympics are over, I feel like I have a void in my day. Sitting down each night to watch the competition – especially to follow local athletes – was something I really looked forward to. No that it is over, I feel a little… bored.

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Lake Placid 2018 Logo

Facebook Hoax: 2018 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid? Not Really

The 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid were memorable for so many reasons – the Miracle on Ice, Eric Heiden, Roni and Ronny the Racoons, Chuck Mangione’s Olympic theme…

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Landing back in Malone

Reader Submission: Flight Over the Adirondacks

These photos come from a long time reader, friend of the site, and previous content submitter. This was a day long flight around the Adirondacks in a plane that they own.

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Video: Guns in National Parks Parody

Solitude, quiet, beauty… Smith and Wesson. This hasn’t received nearly as much coverage as I thought it would, but a new law permitting firearms in our National Parks went into affect recently. It was part of – get this – a bill that imposes new restrictions on credit card companies.

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Mount St. Helen’s Climber Died From Fall

When the national news first picked up on the story of fallen Mount St. Helens climber/hiker John Bohlig, there was still some hope that this was a rescue situation, instead of a recovery.

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Random Thoughts About the Olympics

As we’ve previously mentioned, there is a lot of Olympic fever in our household right now. It is hard NOT to be so excited about the games when you live next door to a former Olympic village. It really is contagious… and fun as hell.

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