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First Impression: Hornbeck 10’5 Kevlar Canoe

After flirting with the idea for well over a year, I am finally the owner of a Hornbeck 10’5″ kevlar solo canoe.

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Outdoor Gear Deals of the Day – Labor Day Edition

There are a lot of sales going on right now, but only a few of them are branded as “Labor Day Sales”… either way, enjoy the discounts.

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Promoting Safe Cycling with Cooler Looking Helmets

Bike helmets are goofy looking. Well, at least on most of us. I know that when I strap one to the top of my head, it ends up looking like I got my head stuck in a bowl. Not very flattering.

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Addressing Bear/Human Encounters in the Adirondacks

Are you a genius bear? Are you capable of opening complex containers designed specifically to thwart your efforts? Have you shown signs of primitive culture by passing your knowledge along to others?

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Outdoor Gear Deals of the Day

Getting close to the inevitable Labor Day Sales, yet only a few are active right now. Still some interesting bargains to be had below.

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Have Your Crocs Shrunk? Un-Shrink Them in Your Dryer

Earlier this summer I noticed that my trusty pair of Crocs seemed to be shrinking on me. At first they were just a little tight, but within a few weeks they were unwearable.

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