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West Canada Lake

Backpacker Magazine Features the Adirondacks

We recently picked up a subscription to Backpacker magazine for dirt cheap. I’ve been enjoying the issues that have hit our mailbox, but I was really excited when I flipped through it this afternoon and saw an article on the southern Adirondacks. The Adirondacks are obviously no stranger to being featured in Backpacker, but it still gives me a weird little thrill when I read about the place I know and love.

This particular article (Deepest Daks, by Casey Lyons in the September 2011 issue) covers a 49 mile loop in the less-explored southern Adirondacks. Not the crowded High Peaks, but the wild lake country. West Canada Lake. Cedar Lake. Some of our favorite spots on and around the Northville-Placid trail – and several we have never ventured to before.

It’s a beautifully written article that at first made me nostalgic – and then made me want to grab our tent and head out into the backcountry. Mission accomplished, Backpacker! If you don’t subscribe, definitely grab this issue from a news stand our your local outfitter.

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