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Willa Enjoying The View

Baxter Mountain, a Quick Adirondack Hike

Here’s another quick hike to keep in mind for those days when a longer adventure just isn’t possible. Or for when the weather has been so bad that any hint of sunshine breaking through the clouds has you running out the door for the nearest trail.

The hike up Baxter Mountain is short – 2.2 miles round trip – and pretty flat. It’s another great hike for kids, puppies, lazy people, etc. And the views are quite satisfying for such minimal effort.

We started out around 4:30 and, even with our short-legged puppy in tow, were at the top by 5:00. We took advantage of the rare break in the weather and lingered up top for quite a while.

Dave and Will Jean had a staring contest. I’m not really sure who won.

I think they agreed to end in a tie. Kind of like soccer. And then they took a nap.

While I snapped a bunch of pictures. I love this tree silhouette. (Holy cow, I spelled silhouette right on the first try.)

We’re teaching her well. She appreciates a nice view, too.

The most popular route up Baxter Mountain begins on Route 9N in between Keene and Elizabethtown. There are other trails as well, which begin on Beede Road in Keene Valley. It’s also a popular trail run – see for a full description.


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