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Adirondack Lean-to Vandalized

Here is a story to shake your head at.

Two men are being charged with destroying a lean-to at Cage Lake in Northern Herkimer County. The DEC is accusing Shawn Roggie and David Lambert of shooting holes in the lean-to with a handgun, tearing shingles off the roof, and generally trashing the place.

A nearby outhouse was tipped over and officials found dozens of discarded beer cans.

Newswatch 50

Let’s see… “sportsmen”, check. Gun, check. Beer, check. This is straight out of the redneck stereotype handbook. Oh, and these guys were 38 and 44 years old.

I’m sort of interested to know how they were caught. Did the DEC just happen to stroll in the next morning while they were sleeping off their hangovers? In any case, when they face charges in the Town of Webb I hope the court takes the offense seriously.

The kicker to the story is that the lean-to they vandalized was one that was recently repaired with help from Lean2Rescue, an outstanding group of individuals who volunteer their time to restore these structures. We posted about Lean2Rescue a month back. You can visit their site here:


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