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Coupon Code Now Available – REI 2011 Anniversary Sale

Those of you on REI’s mailing list have probably received their sale catalog by now. Inside it are some of the highlights for this year’s sale, and on the back of it will be your Member’s coupon. This coupon gives you 20% off one full price item.

If you don’t plan on making it into the store, you can redeem your Member’s coupon online by using the following code:

And it looks like they have a free shipping special going on now too… so no reason not to order online.

The code will only be active during the sale – so you can begin using it this 20th, and must use it by the 30th.

You enter the code when checking out, during the 4th step, as seen in the screen shot below.

Not a member? You don’t need to be to take advantage of the general sale, but if you want to get your hands on that coupon, it is pretty easy to become one, and comes with benefits beyond just this coupon – like the yearly dividend, where you get refunded approximately 10% of eligible purchases. And it only costs $20 for a lifetime! I guarantee, if you do any amount of gear shopping online, you will make that $20 back in one season.

Information on how to become an REI can be found here:

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