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Dean Potter’s Record Setting BASE Jump

From 9,000 vertical feet. With a flight time of just about 3 minutes. Landing almost 6 kilometers away. Dean Potter continues to push the boundaries of BASE jumping and seems to be flirting with the realm of human flight.

In late August, Dean climbed up the west ridge of the Eiger and found his new jumping spot, almost 2,000 feet higher than the one other jumpers had been using. This amazing video captures the record setting jump, and includes some other stomach-churning footage.

Hope you are not afraid of heights!

“He must be crazy!” – It is an understandable conclusion after watching that. But when you listen to him talk about what he does, it can be hard to reconcile the introspective, rational man with the seemingly irrational things he does. Jess and I had the same reaction a few years ago when we had the chance to meet and briefly talk with Dean. He was giving a presentation at the Boston Patagonia store, and we found him to be friendly, grounded, and very intelligent. There is clearly more behind those who participate in activities like this – it isn’t just a matter of sanity or adrenaline. The drive to experience life in this way is much more complex than that.

Dean Potter base jumping - image from Alpinist

Dean Potter base jumping – image from Alpinist

Alpinist 27 has an excellent story about Dean’s FreeBASE adventures and includes some stunning photos, including the one above.


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