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DEC Calls for the Removal of Fire Towers on Hurricane and St. Regis Mountains

The New York State Department of Conservation released a study last week that calls for the removal of fire towers on St. Regis and Hurricane mountains.

According to the DEC, these towers exist in areas where human structures are banned by the Park’s master plan (which is the plan that determines that certain public lands can be used). In addition, both structures are in disrepair and closed to the public.

This of course has caused some controversy among people who believe these towers represent local Adriondack History.

“From a local government perspective, we’re very concerned about the obliteration of our history,” said Fred Monroe, executive director of the Local Government Review Board. “Residents, local governments, like these things. There are ways to maintain them that won’t cost the state any money. I think we should consider that.”

Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Apparently this isn’t the first time there has been talk of removing certain fire towers from Adirondack peaks… so who knows when, or if, this will really happen. But this news prompted Jess and I to get off our bums yesterday and climb up to one of these towers. It was a great hike, and was actually my first time to a peak with a fire tower. We’ll post photos and details of that adventure in the coming days.

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