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Embracing Winter? Or Propping up the Local Economy?

Embracing winter? Or propping up the local economy?

A bit of both.

Gearing up for winter fun sure can put a dent in the bank account… but it is oh soooooo worth it!

After some obsessive researching, and lots of great advice, we decided to start our “quiver” with a solid backcountry/touring setup and a cheap(ish) downhill package.

Here are the new toys on the front porch… just waiting for action!


  1. Jessica

    Ignore the rogue running shoe that’s front and center in the photo. That’s not a new toy. 🙂

  2. Joann

    Congrats! You are embracing winter AND living the Adirondack Lifestyle Wellness Theory!

  3. tourpro

    Awesome. Now that your fully-equipped, you can start fantasizing about upgrades. Yeah!

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  5. Jeff

    I see some deep-powder face-shots in your future! Have fun!

  6. CJ

    I’d love to get me some backcountry skis, but not this year – already dropped a fortune on hiking gear! But next season…

    Have a blast in the mountains!

    • Dave

      When it comes time for you to pick up a pair, definitely let us know… our heads were spinning at the end of the process – there are soooo many choices – and we can certainly share some of the things we learned along the way.

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