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EMS – 20% Off One Full-Price Item

EMS has been running a 20% off one full-price item for about a week now. The deal ends this Sunday, so that only leaves us 3 days. Time to consider taking advantage of it.

These 20% off deals are pretty awesome when used with a bigger ticket item. REI runs similar sales for its members and Jess and I have taken advantage of those for things like bikes and GPS units.

This winter I really need a pair of winter boots for more casual hiking/snowshoeing. The ole’ trail runners just don’t cut it, and the plastic double boots are overkill for that. These boots generally run in the $150 range. So with 20% off… let’s see… carry the one… that is like a $30 dollar discount! Hey, not bad at all.

ems 20% off offer

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