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EMS Summer Sale

Like most of the major vendors, it seems EMS is in a constant state of 20 to 30% off sales… with only the reason for the sale changing.

So their Memorial Day sale ran right into this Summer Sale. 30% off packs, 20% off sandals, stuff like that.

However, I did find this kind of cool and interesting. Their climbing school is running a kind of Father’s Day special. (looks like it also includes Grads too… ya know, the whole Dads and Grads theme)

What are you getting Dad this Father’s Day?
A new necktie? Old Spice? Why not give Dad a day of adventure! Climb with Dad any Day in June and we’ll take 50% off Dad’s climb, climb on Father’s Day and we’ll throw in a $50 Gift card good towards any multi-day winter climb!

That is actually pretty cool, though I am not sure why the gift card can only be used on winter climbs… seems like they are trying too hard to get you spread it around a little. Man, if my dad climbed or hiked at all I would be jumping all over this – unfortunately he doesn’t, so he is getting the Old Spice.

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