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EMS “Upgrade Your Gear” Sale – up to 30% Off (ends 11/7)

EMS is currently running its semi-annual “Upgrade Your Gear” sale where they knock 20 to 30% off just about everything in the store.

Yep, 30%. Three – Zero. That is a pretty sweet discount for the items that qualify… and 20% isn’t a bad consolation prize for the items that don’t.

If you have any gear you need to pick up for this winter, you would be silly to not take advantage of specials like this. There are not many vendors who discount in-season gear so you are not likely to find better prices on some of this stuff till next spring.

In addition to the 20-30% they are offering free shipping on orders over $125.

Buy something that usually costs $200 dollars, get it for $160 (or less) and don’t pay shipping. Hard to beat.

The sale runs through 11/7

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