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“First Ascent: The Series” – Climbing Gets a Box Set

I’ll admit it, for a split second I considered writing a sarcastic reaction to this… you know, the ridiculousness of “box set” marketing and all that. “RAMBO DVD Box Set, with audio commentary from Sylvester Stallone!” (there really is such a thing by the way – can you imagine sitting through that commentary?)

But after reading what is included in this 3 disk set, and then after watching the trailer, I just can’t contain my actual excitement about it.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, this looks awesome.

Here, see for yourself:

The set consists of the 6 half hour episodes that Sender Films co-produced with National Geographic Channels, and that aired on the Nat Geo Adventure Channel (which, we don’t get!). The topics of the films range from solo climbing to base jumping to sport climbing to alpine tragedy… and they include some of today’s best climbers, like Dean Potter, Chris Sharma, and Alex Honnold.

Of course you couldn’t really get away with calling it a “box set” if you didn’t include some extra goodies. So they also threw in an hour of bonus footage, with outtakes, behind the scenes, making-of, trailers and additional climbing, high-lining and BASE jumping scenes. No commentary from Sly though.

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