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Friday Featured Website: Winter in Yellowstone

I stumbled upon this blog only recently – just the other day, in fact. I haven’t had a chance to dig way back into the archives yet, but from what I’ve read it’s really neat and worth sharing here. Besides, it’ll get me to stop talking about the Adirondacks for a minute or two.

Winter in Yellowstone

The summary: As it says in the header, “Two people. Four months. Winter in Yellowstone.” Except now they’re back for the summer season as well, so the blogging will continue for at least another few months. The posts are chock full of wildlife photos – bison, elk, grizzly and black bear, coyotes, fox, hares, otters… And, my favorite, wolves. They even have footage of the famous Druid wolf pack, which sadly, is no longer.

Yellowstone has always been on my list of places to visit and this blog bumped it up into the one or two spot. I’ll certainly be following along.

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