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Garmin Releases New Handheld GPS Devices, the Oregon 450 and 450t

Geocaching nerds and backcountry navigators rejoice!

Garmin has announced the release of their next generation handheld gps device geared toward ‘Outdoor Recreation.’ The Oregon 450 and 450t. These units rock 3-inch touchscreen displays, weight in at around 6.8 ounces, and record more waypoints and routes than I can imagine ever needing. Then again, I can’t fathom why anyone would ever carry around 40,000 songs on an ipod… yet people apparently do. So maybe 2,000 waypoints, 200 routes, and 5,000 caches is necessary for some of you.


From Garmin’s press release:

Responsive to the touch of a finger, yet resistant to the rigors of nature, Oregon 450t and Oregon 450 simplify navigation through a glove-friendly touchscreen interface. This bright 3” color display is easier than ever to read and use in all conditions.

For hikers, cyclists and trail runners, the enhanced track navigation will prove especially useful. When navigating to a destination on an active track, users will see the changes in elevation ahead of them as well as where they’ve been.

The new Oregon units also include a barometric altimeter.

The main difference between the 450 and the 450t is that the “t” model comes preloaded with topographic maps of major trails, urban and rural roads, interstates, highways, coastlines, rivers and lakes as well as national, state and local parks, forests and wilderness areas.

It doesn’t look like these devices have made it to vendors yet, but they are available directly from the Garmin website. The 450 is $399.99 and the 450t is $499.99

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