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Garmont Momentum Snow GTX – $99.99

I typically don’t post about individual deals or sales on specific items… but I had to share this one.

Garmont Momentum Snow GTX Winter Boots – $99.99

Cold weather is upon us and I know I can’t be the only one who was unhappy with my winter boots. So if you are looking for a better blend of warmth and comfort in a lightweight package… this may just be the best option to hit the market in a long time.

I spent a few weeks researching and trying on different boots earlier this month, and the Momentum was the clear choice. They have lived up to my expectations in several pre-winter hikes since, and I am preparing a glowing review of them.

If you are a snowshoer, a winter hiker, or just someone looking for warm footwear that is more sneaker than moon boot… this should be on your short list. And $99.99 is a great deal. Wish I got mine for this price.

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