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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving! Ours is about to kick off – our first as Adirondackers!

Time to carve the kitty?

Once again, please excuse me while I succumb to the cliche of listing things I am thankful for. It has been a hell of a year!

New beginnings

It was almost a year ago that we packed our bags, sold the house we loved, and said goodbye to our life in the Boston area to chase a wild dream… move to the Adirondacks!

It was something we always thought would be a retirement adventure. But we saw the error of our thinking that summer. Why wait for retirement? What sense does that make? A lot of the things we love about this area are things we can enjoy best NOW.

So, after some soul searching, and with Jess really spearheading the effort, we looked into what it would take to make this happen. A whirlwind month or two later, we owned a cabin in the High Peaks. I think my head is still spinning!

It has been everything we hoped it would be, and more. Life has become simpler for us, slower, more meaningful… happier.


I am so incredibly happy to have dogs in my life again. They bring me so much joy, it is hard to describe without coming off as one of those crazy dog people. I suppose I should just give up the act and admit I actually AM one of those crazy dog people.

New Friends

Jess and I are not the most outgoing people. Classic introverts really. We play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets stuck answering the door when someone knocks.

So meeting new people is not really something either of us excel at. Yet somehow we have managed to meet some truly amazing people this last year, and are happy to call them friends. We look forward to getting to know them better, and to experiencing these mountains with them, over the coming years.

Thank you guys, your kindness and friendship have made our move here that much more enjoyable… and fun!


Distance has a funny way of making you appreciate what you have. And we have some incredible friends that we miss daily. Thankfully, I get to visit our old stomping grounds often, allowing me to keep in touch and enjoy their company… and it doesn’t hurt that we live in a place that our friends don’t mind visiting every once in awhile. This past year was highlighted by several visits from dear friends, including a special one that included my godson!

2 hours

“2 hours” might just be the simplest way to summarize how our lives have changed.

That is about what it takes. A 2 hour window. We can wake up early, take a long lunch, or delay dinner… however we find that time, that is all it takes for us to get out in the woods or up in the mountains.

It is funny to compare that to how easy it was for me to completely waste 2 hours back in the city. Sitting in traffic, waiting in lines… it was so easy to burn through 120 minutes in our old life doing absolutely meaningless, brain numbing, frustrating crap.

That we now get to spend the day’s spare time doing what we love is something I am thankful for every… single… day.

Above all else…

Nothing is more insufferable than someone who has everything to be thankful for, yet doesn’t recognize it.

Well, I hate to admit it, but some days… that is me.

Some days I let the molehills grow into mountains. Like our car door that keeps breaking, or that server I can’t seem to fix, or our driveway (which actually has lots of molehills all up and down it.)

But I’m living out my dream. With my best friend. In the Adirondacks.

Why on earth do I let car doors, servers, and driveways bend me out of shape? Seriously.

So this Thanksgiving, above all else, I want to give thanks to the people in my life who love me even though I am occasionally insufferable!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! We hope you are spending it with family and friends.


  1. Jennifer Negus
    Jennifer Negus11-29-2010

    I LOVE this post. How awesome!

    • Dave

      Hey! Thanks for stopping by, and glad you liked the post. Hope you and Moose had a fun Thanksgiving.

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