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Heated itch relief, better than scratching?

Got a laugh out of this one this morning.

Heated Itch Relief’s heating element will supposedly “neutralize the insect injected proteins that cause itching and swelling.”

I can’t imagine anyone seriously carrying this around while hiking, kayaking, or the like.  But it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it makes its way into gear bags at family campgrounds.  Whether it works or not.

Sort of reminds me of those “Bee Sting” sticks my mom used to carry on our camping trips.  In case one of us got stung, a few dabs of that stick seemed to take us from screaming to whimpering.  I think years later I learned those sticks had benzocaine, or some other mild anesthetic, in them.  I’m surprised it wasn’t used to shut us up after any bump, bruise or scrape.

[Gizmodo, via Improvements]

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