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First Snowfall


No, this isn’t a post announcing that we’re taking a hiatus from Towns and Trails, because – if you hadn’t already noticed – we already took one. It was not planned, I assure you. It’s just that life has kind of taken over during the last month or two.

I always use that excuse, don’t I? Darn life, always getting in the way. It’s true, though. Both of our work lives have been heating up. Add in a little bit of work travel, the addition of the new puppy, and a general autumnal slumber that seems to take over each year, and our posting has slowed to a crawl.

Ah, well, we’re here today to give you our word that things will pick back up soon. We promise.

Dave has been working behind the scenes on yet another facelift for Towns and Trails. He’s a man possessed, obsessed…or both? He’s constantly tweaking, coding, stewing, and sighing over the little things that make this place tick. BUT, this time I, too, am really excited about some of the changes he’s made. Little things. Design-y things that look really awesome and give me great joy because they give HIM great joy. It’s FUN to be woken up at 3am by a husband who can’t contain his excitement because he’s figured out how to make that slider-doo-hicky-thingy work just the way he wanted it to. No, really, it actually is kind of fun. As I said, it makes him happy, so I can’t help but smile – even at 3am.

But he’s also working on some BIG things too. Big ideas that we hope our readers (you guys still there?) will appreciate and enjoy and get a lot of use out of. So stick with us, is all I’m saying.

Other things? Having two puppies means that at any given moment our household can devolve into complete chaos. They are a joy, of course. But they’re totally freakin’ nuts. They wrestle and bark and growl and race around and play keep-away throughout all corners of the house. When they stop and all is quiet, I experience a moment of panic thinking I’m going to find them in a bloody heap in the next room. But usually they’re just snuggling.

To sum it up, our days are filled with equal parts this:

And this:

It’s a little unnerving, actually.

Still other things? We’ve already had the first snow of the season. On October 15th, to be precise. It was lovely and great and I didn’t mind it one bit.

Bring it on, I say. There’s nothing better than playing outside all day in fresh powder and then coming inside to a house cozied up by a fire in the wood stove. It really is all that it’s cracked up to be. Hope the dogs like it as much as I do. Otherwise we’re screwed.

Happy almost winter to all of you! We’ll see you tomorrow – promise!


  1. Raven

    Very nice, we had snow Saturday up here where we are plus down at our camp. It is nice sitting by the fire after being outside in the cold all day. Have a great winter Jess & Dave

  2. Tom Boothe
    Tom Boothe10-25-2010

    The website looks great! Keep it up! And how about that 70 degrees predicted for tomorrow?

  3. Jessica

    Thanks, Raven. You guys have a great winter, too. 🙂

    Tom, 70 degrees – I know! And it’s SUNNY, at least for now. Must get outside today.

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