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Adirondack Chair

If it ain’t broke…

It’s nearly that time of year. The time to laze around outside on the porch, the dock, around the fire, wherever. But always, always in an Adirondack chair.

Adirondack chairs mean warm afternoons by the lake with friends, and quiet evenings spent alone listening to the loons. They mean summer. And I can’t wait.

So I got excited when I opened my email the other morning and found an ad from CB2 (that’s the modern furniture spin-off of the classic Crate and Barrel store, for those not in the retail know).

“The Green Adirondacks,” it said. I love it when national ads mention my little corner of the world!

But then I read further. “The classic Adirondack lounge goes eco-modern…”

And took a closer look.

What? Huh? That’s not an Adirondack chair! And it’s made in China! Twist the knife further, CB2.

I’m all for green, eco-friendly alternatives. And sometimes I even like modern. But, CB2, you crossed a line here.

Adirondack chairs are not to be messed with.

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  1. Dave

    Oh man, I hate to even admit this. But I kind of do dig the looks of those.

    Anyway, this gets me to thinking about a post I have had simmering in my head for awhile now. About how hard it was for Jess and I to find a “real” Adirondack chair a few years back (before we moved here). By “real” I mean, one that we could buy in the Adirondacks, that was actually made in the Adirondacks, from materials that are from the Adirondacks.

    It is almost impossible to find that product… and we couldn’t understand why. Talk about an area missing out on a built in marketing opportunity.

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