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iPhone Road Trippers Rejoice, TomTom App (and Car Kit?) Now Available

Members of the iPhone cult should find this news exciting.

TomTom recently released an app for the 3G and 3Gs that offers satellite navigation (sat-nav) on your phone.  Recombu posted the following ‘first look’ and initial test:

It was great to see him test the app side by side with a TomTom 520 Go and report that performance was very similiar between them. This potentially means that if you own an iPhone you can forgo the bulkier dashboard car unit all together. Of course, the problem would be if you also receive a lot of phone calls. The app handles incoming calls by halting the GPS for the duration of your conversation. It picks back up once you end the call, but it obviously makes it impossible to talk to someone and navigate at the same time.

Having recently used a TomTom portable navigation unit on a lengthy road trip, I am keeping a closer eye on the technology.  Looking out for alternatives and improvements and fun ways to utilize GPS.  This certainly seems to fit the bill. Now if I can just talk myself into spending money on an iPhone.

UPDATE: I just found this video which is directly from TomTom and shows an alternative way of using your iPhone with their service. There is a “Car Kit” that they are releasing which appears to turn your iPhone into a GPS receiver – without the app. It looks like it uses your phone to display the maps from an external unit.

Gizmodo quotes a TomTom PR rep as saying this will also work on the iTouch.

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