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Irene Damage, Keene Valley (photos)

Information on how you can assist local communities recover from Irene can be found here: How You Can Help

Here are some photos of the damage that Keene Valley sustained on Sunday.

For the most part, it seems like they encountered more of a “slow rise” of water… instead of the raging overflow that hit Keene. But as you can see, the damages are unpleasant no matter how that water gets to you.

Here is an image of McDonough’s Valley Hardware store attempting to deal with the aftermath.

Right across the street, The Mountaineer’s Garage Sale building also experienced damage.

The Mountaineer itself (the main building) was not hit nearly as hard, despite being just down the street AND being right on the river. It sounds like they got away with just basement flooding.

Our friends at Green Point Foods took on water throughout their shop.

And Rivermeade Farm Market was also affected.

Not sure where these stairs are supposed to be…

Here you can see some of the water still hanging around in Marcy Field.

One thing we keep hearing from everyone is how wonderful the community has responded. Here is a photo of people helping out near McDonough’s Valley Hardware.

Apologies for the image quality here, these were all taken with my iPhone. All things considered it did a pretty good job. Our camera was up in Lake Placid with Jess and the pups.

I was finally able to make it up to them late yesterday afternoon, even though the bridge leading out of Lake Placid on Rt. 73 is in rough shape. It was relegated to one lane, with only one car allowed on it at a time. The line out of Lake Placid was long.

Reuniting with the family provided a much needed break from Irene’s aftermath. It is much more pleasant taking photos like this one…

We’ll continue to update this site, and our Facebook page, throughout the week… as we get news to pass along.

Be safe!


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  2. Janine

    Unbelievable the devastation that water can have on communities!!! Hope everyone is able to get the help needed to rebuild!

  3. rich grover
    rich grover11-20-2011

    think how bad things would have been if the floodwaters were contaminated with fluids from hydrofracking (as if things weren’t bad enough)

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