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Video: James Franco cast as amputee mountaineer Aron Ralston

You may know him from such hits as “Pineapple Express,” or “Milk,” or the “Spider-Man” series – but for my money, nothing beats his performance in “Freaks and Geeks.” I digress…

James Franco will be taking on the role of Aron Ralston in Danny Boyle’s next film, “127 Hours.” Ralston is the American mountain climber who was trapped for six days back in 2003 when his lower right arm became pinned by a boulder. Eventually, in order to save his life, he made the decision to amputate the arm with a dull knife. The story still makes me squirm.

When he talks about cutting the nerve, “this little strand of spaghetti,” I just about have to stop the video and walk away.

Throughout those six days, Ralston documented his predicament with a digital camera, and in 2004 he wrote a book about the experience titled “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” – both of which I am sure were very helpful to Boyle and Franco as they recreate this nightmare.

The movie is expected to be released in late 2010.

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