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Videos: Lake Placid Bobsledding

I came across these while searching for a video of the Lake Placid bobsled ride that we recently went on.

Thankfully our trip down the track was NOT like this video of IRL Race Car driver Dan Wheldon. He crashed while doing a charity event in Lake Placid just a few weeks ago. After being ejected from the bobsled he slid down part of the track at speeds close to 70 mph. Ouch! He called it the hardest crash he’d ever experienced.


Here is a video of a crash on the Lake Placid track by the women’s team from Japan. They flip over, slide all the way down the track, up the incline, and then back down again before settling.

… and Jess wonders why I was hesitant to go along with her.


Ok, ok, so our ride wasn’t as dramatic. This video is a lot more like what we experienced.


Bonus video: Watch Stephen Colbert get in on some Lake Placid Bobsled action!

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