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Missing Governor Mark Sanford, Hiking the Appalachian Trail?

The office of missing South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is now saying that he is hiking the Appalachian Trail, and is expected back soon.

Sanford, who has reportedly not be in contact with staff or family since June 18th, has been known to skip out for a few days in the past – but this prolonged absence has, understandably, caused quite the stir in his home state.  Even prompting comments of ‘concern’ from the Lieutenant Governor and State Senators.

When politics and public image get mixed into a story like this it is hard to decipher facts from spin, and at least one source was beginning to question if the Governor was lost in the woods.

He goes hiking, either alone or in a small group. He says he’ll be away and perhaps not in regular contact. But reading between the lines it seems his people did not expect he’d be totally out of contact for several days. There’s some evidence suggesting some efforts may already have been made to track him down. Now it’s the beginning of the next week. And there’s still no word from him.

–  Josh Marshall, TPM

I wonder if any of that stimulus money the Governor wanted to reject was scheduled to fund Search and Rescue programs.  Yeah, probably not.

Let’s hope the Governor returns safely on Wednesday like his spokesperson states he will.

UPDATE: So it turns out Mark Sanford was NOT hiking the Appalachian Trail.  He was in Argentina having an affair.  You just can’t make this stuff up.  Well, I guess “hiking the Appalachian Trail” just became a euphemism for cheating on your wife.

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