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Men Admit Lean-to Vandalism, Pay Fines

Just a quick follow up to a story we posted about a a few months ago.

The two men who were accused of trashing the lean-to (at Cage Lake in Northern Herkimer County) pleaded guilty and paid fines and restitution for the crime.

Mr. Roggie paid a $1,000 fine and $1,167.91 restitution, while Mr. Lambert paid a $250 fine, Mr. Litwhiler said. Both men also were required to surrender their pistols to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department, and their pistol permits were revoked pending a hearing, he said.

Watertown Daily Times

My initial reaction upon reading this was that these guys got off kind of easy. But after giving it some more thought, I think I was probably reacting to the fact that they vandalized something I care about. $2,000 is not chump change, and that includes money to repair the damages. It seems like in this case justice was appropriately applied.

I’m still dying to know how on earth the DEC caught these two in the first place.

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