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Wood Pile

Mixed Emotions

Seeing this wood pile sitting in our driveway, I can’t help but have mixed feelings about it.

On one hand, I feel satisfaction and comfort knowing that we’re all set for the long, cold months ahead. It’s another item (and expense) to check off our to-do list as we prepare for the season.

On the other hand … y’ouch. My back hurts just looking at it. That’s a lot of wood to stack. Maybe this year I’ll recruit some help instead of doing it all myself. I’m a quick learner.


  1. Willard

    Nice wood pile, looks like about maybe 4 cords.

  2. Pavel Bure
    Pavel Bure10-29-2010

    Look at it this way, Dave…at lease you didn’t have to chop it yourself!

  3. Pavel Bure
    Pavel Bure10-29-2010

    …and get Foster to help…

    • Jessica

      Ha. He actually said at one point that we should get unsplit logs and he would do it himself. I told him I’d rather not freeze to death this winter.

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