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Moving to the Adirondacks was a lifestyle decision for us. We certainly didn’t move here for the job opportunities or the abundance of ethnic restaurants. (Oh, Pho, how I miss you already.) Instead, we moved here for the scenery, the people, the outdoor recreation opportunities, and the overall slower pace of life that is the norm around here. It’s so nice to be able to choose where you live. And it’s equally as nice to be surrounded by other people who have made the same choice to live here. It seems to make for a nicer, happier community.

We always felt “stuck” in Boston. In fact, we almost started a blog called We thought that finding new ways to have fun, recreate, and enjoy a city that we were otherwise not enamored with – and then blogging about it – would up our overall happiness quotient. Instead, we started Towns and Trails and, not too long after, decided to move to the Adirondacks. I can’t say I’m disappointed with our decision.

As many of you know, there were a lot pieces that needed to fall into place in order for us to make this move. Jobs were number one on that list, but a close second was finding a home that we love. We are homebodies by nature. And with Dave now telecommuting full time, it was essential for us to find a house that we would be immediately comfortable and happy in.

Enter Joann, our real estate agent. I was a loyal reader of her blog, appropriately named “The Adirondack Lifestyle,” and when Dave and I decided to take the first step and start looking at homes, she was the first person I contacted. From the beginning, she totally “got” what we were trying to accomplish. She relocated to the Adirondacks years ago for many of the same reasons that Dave and I wanted to. She was a natural fit to guide us through this process and help us realize our dream.

It’s safe to say that without Joann, we’d still be in Boston. Sure, we would have moved up here eventually, but Joann’s time, expertise, and encouragement really helped us pull the trigger. She spent weekends (and her birthday!) driving us all around to look at houses. She showed us her favorite local coffee shop, the little organic food store, the back roads and short cuts, the best views, her favorite ski areas… Above all, she listened to us as we talked through our decision. We named our fears and hesitations, our excitement, our business ideas – and she was always encouraging, but realistic. In the end, she helped us realize that we really weren’t crazy and we could, in fact, make the life for ourselves that we had envisioned.

And, out of the countless houses she took us to see, we managed to find one that we love.

So, thanks, Joann! We couldn’t have done it without you. And if anyone out there is considering a similar lifestyle decision, get in touch with Joann and tell her that Dave and Jess, that crazy Boston couple, sent you!

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  1. Willard

    Hey Dave or Jess, drop me a line, i have some places that you would like to go to in the winter or even in the summer. Willard

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