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Mum’s the Word

I have a problem keeping plants alive. I wouldn’t call it a black thumb, necessarily, because I know exactly what it is I do (or don’t do) that kills them.

You see… I, um. Well, I don’t water them. I mean, I DO water them. But not nearly enough. I forget. I get distracted. I walk outside to start watering and then see that the front porch needs to be swept, so I do that instead. And then three hours later I remember that I never watered, but wait, let me just send that one email. Or switch that load of laundry. And then it’s dinnertime. And then… I promise myself that I’ll water the plants first thing in the morning.

It’s a terrible cycle and it always ends in dead plants.

I promise to change.

I will take good care of these poor, dependent living beings.

I will not let their soil dry out.

I will not let Willa Jean pluck off their buds, one by one.

Yes, indeed, these mums are safe with me. But it’s a good thing it rained last night, because I forgot to water them yesterday.


  1. Raven

    You’re doing a very good job with the flowers.

  2. Ioana

    They are so pretty! Love your photos. 🙂

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