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My First Staycation

The Urban Dictionary spins it this way: Staycation is a vacation that is spent at one’s home enjoying all that home and one’s home environs have to offer.

That about sums things up for me right now. I have two, long, glorious weeks of vacation time… time that I have to take, by the way, because I haven’t been taking enough vacations over the last few years. My pool of available days is getting too large and I need to spend it down, so to speak. It is a good problem to have, I suppose.

Jess and I would typically spend at least one week, and several long weekends, in the Adrondacks each year. Now that we live here, we decided our first few vacation opportunities would be spent… right here!

The first half of my two week staycation has been pretty low-key. Jess has had to work a lot, the weather has been a little dreary, and Willa Jean had to go under the knife… so there were no epic adventures lined up. Just lots of little, fun ones… and lots, and lots, of relaxing.

“Enjoying my home environs”, I like the sound of that, and can’t think of a place where I’d rather do it than here.


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