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National Geographic Adventure, Calling it Quits

After a decade, and with what appeared to be a healthy subscription base, National Geographic Adventure is ceasing regular publication.

The travel and adventure magazine was popular among outdoor enthusiasts, but advertising had declined to an unacceptable level. With a weak advertising market and strong online competition, this is clearly a rough time for print media.

Looks like National Geographic tried to sell the magazine, but ran into branding issues:

Potential buyers were not interested in just buying a magazine called “Adventure,” he said.

“Much of the value is tied up in the brand. I think that was very difficult to do,” Mr. Griffin said.

New York Times

I wasn’t a regular reader but I always enjoyed their ‘special’ editions, like the Adventurer of the Year issue, which recently acknowledged Operation Denali and Dean Potter’s freeBASE climbs. So I am glad to see that they still plan on releasing these issues twice a year.

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