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No Kisses for You

It’s officially spring. Ski season is over. The mud is taking hold. The rain has started, but so have the occasional warm, sunny days.

Even the dogs have a case of spring fever.

Their daily hikes have a new excitement to them. You can tell they’re enjoying the new sights and smells – the earth uncovered, the rushing water.

The dead animals.

Wait, what?

Oh, my. The dead animals.

Not a hike goes by that one of them (Esther) doesn’t proudly drag something dead and rotting out of the woods, newly revealed by the rapidly melting snow.

A deer leg, for instance.

Or a random piece of fur.

Or … an entire pelt. What a find, Esther! Want me to make you a fur coat?

Wait, I have a better idea! Let’s go home and give daddy a big kiss!

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  1. Tucker

    Dogs….Truly are best friends.

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