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Northville Placid Trail: McCanes Reroute Complete

I received an email from Richard Fenton, Supervising Forrester for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, letting me know that the Northville Placid Trail has been successfully rerouted around the Macaluso property (formerly known as McCanes).

The route is done and mostly marked. Just need to get the signs up at intersections. Going north, it goes 0.7 miles past Wakely Dam before entering the woods (left) on an old road. This was a cleaner route with limited construction time than the old road off the Wakely Mt. trail. We may switch over in the future.

This is great news as not only does it resolve this awkward land ownership issue, but it also eliminates most of the pavement walk from this section of the trail.

If you are looking to check out the new reroute without re-hiking the entire trail (or section), a nice overnight hike can be done into Stephens Pond and back.

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