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Oh No They Didn’t

Oh yes we did!

But how could we do this to him? We promised we would never.

His life as he knows it is over. O-v-e-r. Sorry, buddy, we had to.

Because how could we NOT do this for her?

Say hi to Willa Jean. Hi, Willa Jean! (Her name is still up for debate, so feel free to chime in with suggestions.)

Her life as she knows it is also over. But that’s a good thing.

Willa Jean is a black lab, bluetick coonhound and husky mix. A true pound puppy. Or a Labracoonusky, according to our friend Jeff.

We love her to bits already. And so far she’s the most well-behaved puppy I’ve ever met. She hasn’t made a peep at Foster. And she slept through the night in her crate with no accidents.

And… and just look at that tongue!

It’s great for puppy kisses.

Ms. Willa Jean came from the North Country SPCA, the only animal shelter in Essex County. Someone dumped her there when she was 8 weeks old.

I’ve gotten to know the folks over at the North Country SPCA pretty well over the last couple of months. They are a wonderful, kind group of people who care deeply for each and every animal that comes through their door.

If you can spare a moment, a dime, or a spot in your home, please consider volunteering, donating, or adopting an animal from the NCSPCA. Or lend a hand to your local shelter.

There are so many amazing dogs and cats who need homes. We’d adopt them all if we could. But we can’t, so it’s up to all of us to help out.


  1. Leah

    Totally in love – totally in love!! But let me just tell you that we thought Hobbes was the most perfect puppy for the first few days too – and then they take off their company behavior jacket and the fun really begins!!! And 12 years later you’re wishing the time hadn’t gone by so fast…

  2. Dave

    For those of you who are concerned – I know you are out there! – Mr. Foster is adjusting just fine to his little sister. In fact, he has been better with the puppy in the house than he normally is with not-so-strange people in the house… like our parents and close friends. Their presence usually sends him running for the closet upstairs.

    The puppy has induced no such reaction.


    • Jessica

      Hehe. I knew Dave would jump in with a Foster report. Right now he’s passed out flat on his back in the middle of the floor, relaxed as can be. He does give the puppy the side-eye when he walks by her crate, but so far so good.

      Don’t say that, Leah! I know she’s going to get more demanding as she gets more comfortable with us, but right now she’s just so gooood. I’m choosing not to believe it. 🙂

      • Leah

        You should definitely choose to not believe she will be more demanding – but she will and you will be more supplying…smile…and it will still be wonderful – you’ll just redefine good.

  3. Willard & Raven
    Willard & Raven05-24-2010

    Nice looking pup Dave & Jess.

  4. Joann

    Congrats on the new addition to the family Jess and Dave! I will echo Leah on the progression of attachment; once you start loving pooches, there is no going back. Concerning Foster…..I am trying to restrain myself from saying, “I told you so!” Oops, I didn’t! Way to take a chance. It seems like a trend these days.

  5. Jennifer

    Totally loving your pup! And the name Willa Jean! No worries. She’ll grow into that tongue! My chocolate lab is proof of that. Haha.. Have fun! Good times ahead.

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