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Foster And Willa

Opposite in Every Way

They couldn’t be more different. And we wouldn’t change a thing.

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Quote of the Week – Goethe

Rest not!
Life is sweeping by; Go and dare before you die.
Something mighty and sublime, leave behind to conquer time.

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6 Months

26 weeks… 182 days… 4,368 hours… Oh, you get the idea. The point is we’ve lived in the Adirondacks for 6 months now. How did that happen?

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Puppy’s First Hike

It should come as no surprise that when we finally decided to get a dog, we wanted to get one that we could eventually take hiking and backpacking with us.

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Foster On Stove

A Hazy Holiday

As did many people across the Northeast yesterday, I woke up to the pungent smell of woodsmoke. A quick scan of the house told me that, as brilliant as she is, our puppy had not figured out how to start a fire in the wood stove.

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Quote of the Week – Lyndon B. Johnson

If future generations are to remember us with gratitude rather than contempt, we must leave them something more than the miracles of technology. We must leave them a glimpse of the world as it was in the beginning, not just after we got through with it.

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