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Oh No They Didn’t

Ms. Willa Jean came from the North Country SPCA, the only animal shelter in Essex County. Someone dumped her there when she was 8 weeks old.

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Quote of the Week ~ Cree Nation Prophecy

Only after the last tree has been cut down
Only after the last river has been poisoned…

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REI Anniversary Sale Sneak Peek

FINALLY! REI’s “biggest sale of the year” starts tomorrow and runs through May 31st. They’ve been pretty tight-lipped about this sale, but a little bird arrived in my mailbox and spilled the beans on some of the awesome deals they’re going to offer.

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Today's Unexpected Visitor

Recall, if you will, my post about the unusually high number of unexpected visitors we get at our house.

They just get better and better.

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Inside Bin

How to Build a Compost Bin

I am ashamed to admit that we never composted until now. So in an effort to become more responsible citizens of planet Earth, I asked Dave to build me a compost bin.

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