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Sky From South Dix

Macomb, South Dix and East Dix, an Adirondack Overnight

An epic hike that involved snowshoes and headlamps, but we survived and are now three peaks closer to becoming 46’ers.

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Quote of the Week – Edward Abbey

Wilderness complements and completes civilization. I might say that the existence of wilderness is also a compliment to civilization…

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Koflach Degre Orange

New Mountaineering Boots! Sort of…

Finding used mountaineering boots for cheap = a happy Dave.

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New Jack Johnson Video (for Jess)

As some of you know, Jess is from San Diego, California. Yep, a true sun baby! So it might come as no surprise that she is also a huge Jack Johnson fan.

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Friday Featured Website: Winter in Yellowstone

I stumbled upon this blog only recently – just the other day, in fact. I haven’t had a chance to dig way back into the archives yet, but from what I’ve read it’s really neat and worth sharing here.

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Blue Sky Rain2

Rainy Blue Sky

We’ve had scattered showers for the past few days with periods of heavy rain and thunderstorms. I don’t mind it one bit.

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