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Forbes Names Lake Placid One of America's Prettiest Towns

Forbes recently named Lake Placid, New York as one of America’s prettiest towns. I’m pretty sure Forbes has done this before. But a reminder that we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth (or at least America) is always nice.

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Just Kidding

We started talking about all the fun things we’re going to do this summer. And then we started talking about all the fun things we’re going to do next winter.

And then I opened my big mouth.

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E.b. White

Quote of the Week – E.B. White

I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can …

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ADK Lifestyle

Friday Featured Website – The Adirondack Lifestyle

Another blogger recently described the Adirondack Lifestyle, as “a love letter to the Adirondacks.” I can’t think of a more appropriate description.

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Foster And Trey

Puppy Love

We’ve had a lot of fun with Trey over the last couple of days. He’s made himself right at home. And he really likes to play fetch. I mean he really, REALLY likes to fetch.

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Dave Progress

Video: Progress

During our outside puttering time, we also continue to play around with the slackline. Believe it or not, this is serious progress from where we were a week ago.

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