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Run Along The Ausable1

Spring Snow

It was inevitable.

I know we’re not the only ones experiencing the cruelty of spring right now, but it still hurts.

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Cut Bread1

A (Five Minute) Commitment

Now that I have all of this precious time on my hands and a dearth of take-out options, I’ve made …

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Lower Mystic

10 Things I Miss

1. The day when all of the bars and restaurants in the city decide it’s warm enough to open their windows and move some tables outside
2. Trader Joe’s
3. Pho, Sushi, Thai, Indian

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Run Along The Ausable

Study: Spring Fever in the Adirondacks Not Life Threatening

I started to write a half-joking post about the dreadfulness of Spring fever. About how every year it strikes me down and leaves me for dead.

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Whiteface Lift

Whiteface Sleetfest

Remember yesterday in my Whiteface post when I mused that the warm-ish and drizzly weather we were experiencing at home would translate into “comfortable conditions on the mountain”? HA! I am such a hopeless optimist.

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