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Adirondack Ski Mountaineering Camp, Feb 5th – 7th

The inaugural Adirondack Ski Mountaineering Camp Sponsored by The Mountaineer, Dynafit and Mammut will take place February 5th through 7th.

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2009-2010 Banff Mountain Film Festival Northeast Dates

The following is a list of Northeast dates for the 2009-2010 Banff Mountain Film Festival.

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Video: 2009/2010 Banff Mountain Film Festival Preview in HD

While searching for a list of dates for this year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival, which was a lot harder to find than it should have been, I came across this amazing High Definition preview video.

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Mt. Wahington

Mt. Washington Wind Speed Record Falls

New Hampshire’s Mount Washington has lost its claim to the world’s fastest wind speed. A new world record was recorded on April 10, 1996 in Barrow Island, Australia, during Typhoon Olivia.

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Northville-Placid Memories

The other day I was reminiscing about our Northville-Placid hikes and I remembered one of the best days we’ve ever had on the trail. It was during our section hike in 2005.

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Andrew Irvine

Could “Oblong Blob” on Everest Rewrite the History Books?

In 1924, George Mallory and Andrew Irvine set off from their camp high on Mt. Everest in a bid to become the first to reach the summit.

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