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Random Thoughts About the Olympics

As we’ve previously mentioned, there is a lot of Olympic fever in our household right now. It is hard NOT to be so excited about the games when you live next door to a former Olympic village. It really is contagious… and fun as hell.

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Quote of the Week – Juvenal

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another. -Juvenal, Satires

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EMS Endotherm

Choosing a Soft Shell Jacket: EMS Endotherm, Patagonia Guide, or REI One

I’ve been late to jump on the soft shell bandwagon. Not due to any hesitation or skepticism I have about the technology, but because I haven’t had a need for the benefits soft shells offer.

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Buzz Schneider

Video: Relighting of the Lake Placid Olympic Cauldron

Wow, has it really been 30 years? The Lake Placid Olympic cauldron was re-lit tonight to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the 1980 Winter Games.

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DEC Calls for the Removal of Fire Towers on Hurricane and St. Regis Mountains

The New York State Department of Conservation released a study last week that calls for the removal of fire towers on St. Regis and Hurricane mountains.

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Supporting Peter Hornbeck for APA Commissioner

I know not everyone likes politics mixed in with their outdoor adventure, but unfortunately political decisions can have an impact on the activities we participate in and the places we love.

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